Loans from € 50 to € 400

Quick information

Quick information

If you are looking for a loan, in doblebank you can get from € 50 to € 600 that you have a time to pay from 7 to 30 days. The first loan you request has 0% interest. Before asking for the money it is important that you comply with some conditions such as being a resident in Spain, between 21 and 65 years old. You can not have debts greater than € 1000 and it is very important that you have regular demonstrable income. You must send some documents such as your scanned DNI / NIE, a copy of the first page of your bank book or a bank certificate of an account of which you are a holder, a bank statement that is not older than three months. The personal data that you provide must be yours because money can only be requested in your name. Once you have finished the application you will get an answer right away and you will have the money in your account quickly. 

  • Loans from € 50 to € 400 that you can pay from 7 to 30 days at very competitive interest rates
  • doblebank is managed by the company doblebank Minicredit SL with address in Barcelona
  • If you have any questions, we invite you to enter the “FAQ” section where you will find a collection of common questions and answers
  • It is essential to have clarity about several concepts in the “Glossary” section. There are definitions related to the contract signed by doblebank customers.
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Study expenses reductions

Specific information

Specific information

The first step you must complete to apply for the loan is to choose the amount you need and the term in which you will repay the debt, from the loan calculator.

Once you do that the calculator will inform you when the loan’s due date is, how much is the amount you have to repay and how much is the TAE and TIN, or the interest that you must settle exactly.

doblebank Refund table

Loans for new clients do not have commissions!

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 50 € 0 € 50 14 days
€ 200 € 0 € 200 30 days
€ 400 € 0 € 400 30 days


A representative example

If you borrow € 50 for 14 days, you will pay € 50 in total. So the tax will be € 0.


Can I apply for a loan without a payroll?

For doblebank it is essential to provide support in your financial solvency needs without causing more problems. For this reason you can request a loan with doblebank if only if you have constant income that you can check as an unemployment or pension subsidy. If you do not have any source of income then you are not eligible to obtain the loan. When applying for a loan you acquire a responsibility with the lender and in case you can not meet the established fees this will mean higher costs and more indebtedness for you. This is why doblebank is very selective in approving their loans. It is important that you first organize yourself well before applying for a loan and that you are sure you can afford it, in order to avoid major headaches.

Can I use the personal information of a relative or friend to carry out the loan application?

It is not possible, the doblebank loans are personal and for this reason it is necessary that your personal data are those that you enter to carry out the request of the money. This includes the details of your bank account, your identification (DNI / NIE) and also your mobile phone number, through which doblebank can be contacted.

Do I need a mobile phone?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary that you have a mobile phone in your name so you can apply for the loan. As we mentioned before, it is not possible to register someone else’s mobile phone number, doblebank only accepts that you are the owner. So if you still do not have a mobile phone line of your own, we recommend you hire one if you want to get a loan with doblebank. What happens is that your mobile phone line is one of the means by which the company will contact you, so you must be sure that it is yours.

Loan qualification

Loan qualification

The website is easy to use and there you can read all the information that relates to the products offered by doblebank. In areas of the website such as “Ask for a loan”, “Return the money”, “Contract”, “FAQ”, “Promotions”, “Glossary”, “Blog”, among others, you will be able to read all the details related to both the institution, as with the financial services it provides. It is key that you carefully read each section so that you avoid any type of inconvenience. In any case, keep in mind that doblebank will not charge you one cent more than what is established in the loan calculator. Of course, you must pay additional interest if you do not pay on time, in the established installments, that is why it is important that you organize yourself well and analyze if you are really able to assume a debt. If you already contracted the loan and it turns out that you can not assume the debt, doblebank could apply penalties such as registering in delinquency files as Financial Credit Institutions, which would make it difficult to obtain another loan. You could also sell your debt to a collection agency.

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