Other creditor as a solution if the bank says no!

Cre loan as a solution, even if other banks have already rejected!

Cre loan as a solution, even if other banks have already rejected!

What if the house bank refuses the loan? An often asked question from desperate loan seekers! See paroiciel.org for the scoop

Many people have already experienced bitterly that their own house bank leaves them standing in the rain as soon as a few difficulties (eg with the Credit Bureau) arise. Good advice is then expensive!

With big banks there are practically no chances for a loan with negative Credit Bureau characteristics.

Even the house bank, where you have had your account for years, often rejects the loan request within a few seconds.

Unlike the bank, Credit-mono is also specialized in presenting a solution when other lenders have already declined is different.

For other banks, the loan application was rejected, “for example, reported a satisfied customer at the independent rating. With Credit-mono, however, the loan request was “easily met”.

Prerequisites for a Loan on Loan Credit:

Prerequisites for a Loan on Loan Credit:

Credit-mono has very few requirements for a loan, actually only two:

  • Income should be at least $ 1,000 per month
  • Residence in Germany

A positive Credit Bureau information is expressly NOT a requirement.

 The bank-independent SME-Crediter expert team examines every month the seriousness, quality and interest terms of the loan without Credit Bureau online offers. At the same time, the customer friendliness of the online form is checked. The results are published monthly in a credit without Credit Bureau ranking free of charge. Loan-interested and debtors get up-to-date and reliable information about the interest rates, customer-friendliness of online credit providers. Debtors thus have the opportunity to replace existing (too expensive) loans and to replace them with cheaper loans (loan swaps).

The Swiss voucher credit has been in first place for months without a Credit Bureau ranking!

Request an instant loan from Credit-mono (also without Credit Bureau, if necessary) free of charge and without obligation – with guarantee, without pre-charge, in 24 hours, even on weekends:

Alternatively, you can also request the instant loan from Credit-mono as an alternative to the bank by e-mail.

Cre loan as a solution for negative Credit Bureau!

Especially with Credit Bureau problems Credit-mono is very often able to present a favorable loan offer. For details, see the credit-without Credit Bureau secret!

More information about Credit-mono under Credit-mono without Credit Bureau!

Did you know…

Did you know…

  1. With the credit without Credit Bureau formula can systematically save up to 30% interest!
  2. Credit-mono, Creditist, Pixocredit, and Maxcredit are all credit intermediaries: The customer spares the passage to many banks, because he benefits from the fact that he receives a multi-bank selected and thus the best possible credit.
  3. Unlike any bank, Credit-mono loans are available as low as $ 200.

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